Congratulations to Dunham Engineering for having one of their projects selected for the SSPC Coatings Industry Spirit Award!

The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) was founded in 1950 as a non-profit society that focuses on how coatings protect and preserve industrial and marine surfaces and structures by the utilization of protective coatings.

As part of its mission to elevate performance, inspire learning, and advance knowledge in the coatings industry, SSPC annually recognizes people and companies who are a positive reflection of the coatings industry by the completion of current or long-term projects.

The SSPC Coatings Industry Spirit Award recognizes a project that showed exceptional work that benefited either a community or the coatings industry.

Dunham Engineering was recognized for its contribution as engineer of the repair and repainting work done on the city of Celena Texas Downtown Elevated Storage Tank in 2019.

It was noted that water towers are often an historical icon of both small and larger town roots, a reflection of an important element of that community that stands there as a proud landmark for current and future generations.

Although this water tower was no longer in current service, honoring it as a representation of the community of Celina by restoring and covering it with a protective coating preserved this iconic landmark for ages to come.

Congratulations Dunham Engineering!