With municipal budgets tightening and operational costs rising more every year, it’s easy for cities to pass over maintenance of certain assets that may seem to be doing just fine on their own.

When it comes to water storage tank maintenance, that could prove to be a really big mistake.

As costly as they are, it is essential to get a long life out of city water tanks and can only be accomplished by partnering with a water storage tank service that can provide important maintenance, inside and out, to prevent premature decay.

Interior Tank Protection

The inside lining of a municipal water storage tank is its most vulnerable component, the one thing that requires consistent maintenance to prevent destructive corrosion.

Corrosion that starts on the inside of the tank can quickly spread to the outside of the tank, eventually destroying the whole thing if major repairs are not made.

Before letting things get out of control, municipalities should contract with a qualified water storage tank engineering service that can do a proper interior inspection and then develop an appropriate maintenance plan to apply protective coatings as needed over the life of the tank.

Exterior Tank Protection

Exterior tank coatings that are exposed to the elements must be formulated to put up with atmospheric abuse to stay protective.

Acid rain, UV rays, salty air, and chemical pollution all add to the destruction of these tanks, shortening their lifespan if not properly maintained.

A water storage tank maintenance company that can assess environmental conditions to choose a highly appropriate coating product is essential to prolong the life of those tanks, reduce spending on repairs, and eliminate frequent replacement of these costly structures.

Extra Attention to Angles and Edges

Another critical detail that can extend the life of exterior coatings on water storage tanks is paying special attention to metal edges and angles that must have extra protection.

Since coatings tend to shrink away from these areas, tanks must be protected with reliable products that will retain a minimum thickness even in highly prone areas.

Tanks should also be inspected and coatings reapplied in these areas more frequently if necessary to prevent corrosion within seams and angles that can lead to the ultimate destruction of the vessel.

Using the Right Protective Coatings

It’s critical to be aware of the latest products coming onto the market offering better protection for water tanks, as the technology is continually changing.

With the cost of purchasing and repairing municipal tanks so high, water storage tank engineers are constantly striving to improve preservation techniques and products that can extend serviceability that will save money.

Keep Water Tanks Serviceable Longer with Good Maintenance

Though every city municipality surely struggles to make its budget last, there are some corners that should not be cut.

Considering the massive cost of replacing water storage tanks if they prematurely corrode, it’s much wiser to simply allocate the necessary funds each year and continue to hire a qualified water storage tank service to provide necessary protective maintenance!

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