Regular water tank inspections are an integral part of providing adequate maintenance for these essential storage vessels.

Yet the larger the tank is, the more challenging providing water tank maintenance inspections can be.

Using ROVs or remotely operated vehicles, water tank maintenance services can now perform inspections more frequently, easily, and inexpensively than ever before.

How Are ROVs Used For Water Storage Tank Inspections?

ROVs are small, remote-controlled watercraft devices that contain cameras and sensors for relaying visual, underwater imagery to monitor screens.

These tiny robotic vehicles used by water tank inspection services have made the task of inspecting potable water storage vessels faster, easier, and more accurate, all without the need to drain the tank.

ROVs help water tank maintenance services get a better look inside the tank while full to determine its condition without the need to do diving inspections, which can be risky and require permits.

They are used today to do visual inspections, take specimen samples from within large tanks, and other tasks, making it much easier for tank owners to remain compliant with their water tank maintenance and routine tank inspections.

What Are The Benefits of Using ROVs For Tank Inspections?

When using ROVs to perform water tank inspection services, there are many benefits offered:

  • Faster, More Accurate Inspections - ROVs make doing inspections and checking for needed water tank maintenance issues faster and more accurate than any other type of inspection.
  • No Need to Drain - ROV inspections are designed to be performed without the need to drain and then refill the tank, saving countless gallons of potable water and avoiding the timely process of tank draining.
  • Less Offline Time - Tanks undergoing ROV inspection are taken offline for only short periods of time, usually being put back online in as few as 12 hours.
  • Safer, Cleaner Inspections - ROV inspections eliminate the safety risk of sending divers into the tank, as well as the contamination risk and the need to super chlorinate the tank to protect the water supply.
  • More Cost-Effective - Based on all of these advantages, inspections can be performed by qualified water tank maintenance services with a much lower overall cost to the tank owner.
  • Can Be Done More Frequently - With a lower cost and greater convenience, keeping up with required inspections as well as monitoring the need for maintenance is much more practical.

ROVs Make Water Tank Maintenance Easier

Before the use of ROVs, water tank inspection services were required to drain these huge vessels more frequently to properly view their interiors for inspection and maintenance purposes.

ROVs make it possible to get nearly the same accuracy during inspections, all without taking tanks offline for days or weeks at a time while sacrificing their contents.

While it may sometimes still be necessary to take tanks offline and drain them to perform certain types of water tank maintenance, the decision on whether this is necessary can be more easily made using an underwater ROV.

These remote-controlled, camera-carrying robotic devices make water tank maintenance services and inspections faster, easier, safer, and less expensive, making ROV inspections a top choice for owners of large water storage vessels.

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