Serving Texas, Oklahoma, and the surrounding states

Dunham Engineering is currently licensed to provide engineering services in AL, AR, FL, IN, KY, LA, NC, OK, TX, VA & VT to provide high quality engineering and inspection services. We offer our expertise and professional engineering services for engineering and inspection services. We are happy to offer our specialized services to clients throughout the region so that they can get the expertise they deserve.

We provide professional design and residential engineering services for people from all over the area. Some of our services include the following:

Dunham Engineering in College Station ,Texas - Water & Wastewater Inspections

Water Storage & Inspection Services

Dunham Engineering was founded in 1992 with a practice specialty in water storage tanks. Today we provide a wide variety of water and wastewater engineering services.

Dunham Engineering in College Station ,Texas - picture of Oil, Gass & Petrochemical Tank Inspections

Oil & Gas

Dunham Engineering provides a multitude of fuel and chemical storage tank inspection, design, and SPCC services. Our team of engineers and technicians will work to extend the life of your storage tanks and reduce downtime in the safest most economical way possible.

Dunham Engineering in College Station ,Texas - Towers & Elevated Structures Inspections

Towers & Elevated Structures

Dunham Engineering, Inc. provides corrosion engineering services for all types of light and antenna supporting structures including monopoles, self-supporting towers, and guyed towers.

Dunham Engineering in College Station ,Texas - Structural Engineering & Inspection Services

Engineering Inspection Services

Dunham Engineering, Inc. provides engineering services for towers, bridges, stadiums, commercial and residential buildings, historical landmarks, etc.

Dunham Engineering in College Station ,Texas - Inspections of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Tanks

Corrosion Engineering & Tank Inspections

Dunham Engineering, Inc. offers a wide variety of corrosion control solutions for structures and tanks. We are recognized experts in the corrosion control industry, as demonstrated by the published papers and presentations we have given.