Serving Texas, Oklahoma, and the surrounding states

Dunham Engineering provides a multitude of fuel and chemical storage tank inspection, design, and SPCC services. Our team of engineers and technicians will work to extend the life of your storage tanks and reduce downtime in the safest most economical way possible.

Services Include:

  • Engineering inspection and design for new and existing tanks and terminals.
  • Coating and cathodic protection inspection and design.
  • Corrosion engineering.
  • Internal inspections.
  • Ultrasonic integrity testing.

  • Tank cleaning.
  • Fitness for service evaluations.
  • Dunham Engineering can also design, review and certify a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan for your facility, and ensure regulatory compliance with full-service inspection and maintenance programs.

Dunham Engineering uses our team of API/STI Authorized Inspectors and Storage Tank Engineers, along with the latest in NDT technology, to ensure the integrity of your tanks while reducing costs and downtime, resulting in increased ROI.  Our P.E. certified SPCC plans can responsibly extend your out-of-service inspection intervals while ensuring engineering integrity and public safety.