Water is the most precious substance on earth.

The chief concern when storing large amounts of water in huge containers is to preserve its purity by keeping up with water tank maintenance that will prevent contamination.

In keeping stored water safe and potable, it’s essential that storage tanks undergo routine inspections performed by an experienced water tank inspection company.

Storing Water Not As Easy As It Seems

There is a lot more to storing large amounts of potable water than simply constructing a tank and filling it up.

These containers can experience a number of issues that can lead to contamination resulting from metal corrosion causing debris and sediment in the water to microbial contamination that renders the entire tank unusable.

So any company that stores potable water must invest in good water tank maintenance, which always begins with thorough inspections.

Water Storage Tanks Require Regular Inspections

Though they are designed to store clean water and keep it safe for human consumption, potable water storage tanks can also be a prime source of the very contaminants they are designed to protect against.

Any vessel that holds water for long periods of time can experience certain types of degradation which can also lead to breaches in the tank that permit the entrance of additional contaminants.

This is why it’s so important to hire an experienced water tank inspection company to perform regular inspections to detect developing problems early, issues that can be corrected before too much damage is done.

With regular water tank inspections, it’s easier to develop a cost-effective water tank maintenance program that will slow corrosion and the development of tank problems that could incur:

  • Expensive tank rehabilitation costs.
  • Water treatment expenses.
  • Cost to replace an entire tank of stored water that has become contaminated.

Regular Inspections Need Qualified Inspectors

As important as regular inspections of potable water storage tanks are to the detection and early resolution of any problems, another aspect of having quality drinking water from these tanks is using the services of NACE Certified Coating Inspectors, AWS Certified Welding Inspectors, and Professional Engineers.

These professionals are qualified to make inspections and certify that any individual water storage tank has been properly maintained and holds top-quality drinking water, which is invaluable to those who receive their drinking water from that tank.

Regular Inspection of Tanks Reduces Risks

Contaminated water can be a source of certain pathogens such as water-borne bacteria that can be detrimental to human health and cause illness in those immune-deficient individuals who have a greater risk exposure.

The most effective, and least costly way to reduce such risks and keep potable water safe for consumption is with timely storage tank inspections and maintenance.

Water Storage Tanks Need Regular Inspections

The American Water Works Association or AWWA recommends that all potable water tanks be examined by a water tank inspection company every three to five years.

During those tank inspections which can be included with the cost of water tank maintenance, inspectors can detect developing issues and make repair and/or rehabilitation recommendations so tank owners can restore and then retain the serviceability of their expensive water containment units.

Through preventive maintenance and routine inspections, owners can mitigate contamination risk and reduce expenses associated with costly tank repairs, water treatment, and water wastage!

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