One of the more critical elements in water storage tank engineering is the protective coating that gets applied to the tanks before they go into service.

The right coating correctly applied makes certain that these units continue to keep potable water safe for consumption as long as they get regular tank maintenance services.

This make it essential that water tank inspections include a thorough inspection of the metal coating and ideally performed by a NACE certified coating inspector.

Why Are Coating Inspections Necessary?

The protective coating applied to the interior and exterior of a water storage tank is its main defense against corrosion that can slowly destroy it and potentially affect the condition of its contents.

Coatings play a critical role in protecting what’s inside the tank as well as ensuring that the owners of this costly equipment get a full service life out of them.

Since the protective coating is the most common element that can fail, regular examinations by qualified water storage tank inspectors who specialize in coatings are essential so they can observe the coating condition and identify current and potential coating problems.

What Is The Job Of A Coating Inspector?

The job of the coating inspector in the realm of water storage tank services is to confirm the integrity of tank coatings and make certain that they are protecting the water tank as they was intended.

Tank inspectors do careful visual examinations of the coatings over the entire surface of the unit, both inside and outside.

They pay particular attention to the welds and seams, as these are highly vulnerable areas where coatings may not have adhered well when applied or become damaged over time.

Through these inspections, owners are alerted to:

  • Problems with the coatings.
  • Ways to better maintain the coatings on their tanks with the right tank maintenance services.
  • When recoating is necessary to ensure sufficient protection.

Why Work With A NACE Coating Inspector?

As there are many different coatings that may be applied to a tank by water storage tank engineers depending on its composition and design, what will be stored inside it, and external weather conditions, tank coatings are a specialty all their own.

It requires a thorough knowledge of:

  • Tank design and coating formulas.
  • How coatings react to different metals and substances.
  • Coating application techniques. 
  • Other factors that can affect how well these coatings adhere and how long they last.

NACE certified tank coating inspectors are prepared to perform these inspections as they have received extensive education in tank coatings and use advanced technology such as thermography, electromagnetic and ultrasonic wave devices, and laser to analyze coating conditions.

The Value of NACE Certified Inspections

The coatings applied by water storage tank engineers to finished tanks provide essential protection that slows decomposition and reduces repair costs when accompanied by correct water tank maintenance.

The only way to ensure those coatings are performing as required or detect application mistakes or other defects is with regular coating inspections.

By partnering with a NACE coating inspector, equipment owners can rest assured they are working with highly informed and trained specialists who will help to preserve their expensive water storage tanks as well as provide critical maintenance and repair suggestions to slow costly tank degradation.

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